FAQs – Vendors

You have signed up – lets get started !

On-boarding your business to HorecaFusion

Now you have an account we have a few more housekeeping items to ensure you appear to the buying public in a brand centric way.

The following are the essential steps to finish on-boarding:

Step 1. Create Your Vendor Profile (2 mins)

Step 2. Upload your Company/Business Logo (1 min)

Step 3. Add Team Members to your account (1 min)

Step 4. Create your first warehouse location (1 min)

Step 5. Create additional warehouses (1 min each)

Step 6. Create a Discount Code (3 mins)

Step 7. Create a new Product (5 mins)

Step 8. Preview your product and start selling (1 min)

Step 9. Create a Welcome email template to let your customers know about the new platform (10 mins)

Step 10. Invite your Customers to the platform (1 min)

Step 1. How to Create your Vendor Profile

Under My Catalogue / Vendor Profile – you can edit your Public Profile.

You can edit it at any time. Just edit and press “Save and Exit” and it will publish immediately, publicly.

If you have a High-Resolution Logo, it is best to use it.

See the instruction in the attached screenshots

Then add the details as shown, under the “Description” section, you can add your company profile.

When complete choose Save and Exit to return to the Dashboard and Save and Continue to save and review.

Your public profile appears here: https://horecamarket.global/your-company-name – you can provide this to your Customers who want to see your product range available through the HorecaMarket platform all your products and services will appear there – once you have products created.

Step 2. Upload your Company/Business Logo

See the instruction in the attached screenshots.

Select Upload a File – choose from your compute a Company Logo. If you have a High Resolution Logo, it is best to use it.

Step 3. Add Team Members to your account

Just follow the on-screen prompts, set up their email and a password, save the profile, they will appear on the list

Just follow the on-screen prompts, set up their email and a password, save the profile, they will appear on the list

Then email the following instructions to the new user:

Use following address to login: https://au.horecamarket.global/account/login

and enter Account Number: YOUR Account ID, their email – and password to login.

When the User has been created you can use the Admin privileges to mange the user:

The buttons are as follows:

  1. Edit User
  2. Deactivate User
  3. Delete user
  4. Automatically send a password reset to the users email

Step 4/5. Create your first warehouse location

Create a Warehouse

(or Multiple as you require)

  • Select My Catalogue
    • Select Settings
      • Select Warehouses
        • Click on Add New
  • Once you have saved the Warehouse the LIST of warehouses will appear, and you can edit it at any time from there

Just follow the screen prompts and press Save and Exit to get back to the List, to create another just press Add New again.

Step 6. Create a Discount Code

In HorecaFusion, you can use discounts to enable access to special offers. They can be applied to certain categories, products, the total amount, customers and Customers Groups and more.

Products in HorecaMarket can have any number of discounts attached. In the case of several discounts applied, HorecaMarket will automatically calculate the best possible price for the customer based on all the available discounts and group memberships.

The most common way of using discounts is a coupon code. A coupon code is entered by your customer on the shopping cart page just before checking out.

To see the list of discounts, go to the Catalogue →Settings → Discounts page:

The top area of the page enables you to search for discounts by various search criteria:

  • Start date and End date for discounts created between these dates.
  • Discount type.
  • Coupon code.
  • Discount name is a full discount name or its fragment.

This page is available in two modes: advanced and basic. Stay in the basic mode, which only displays the main fields, or switch to the advanced mode displaying all the available fields.

  • Enter the Name of the discount.
  • From the Discount type dropdown list, assign the discount to the required option as follows:
    • Assigned to order total: these discounts are applied to the entire customer order (order total).
    • Assigned to products: after this discount is created, the store owner can assign it to a product on the product details page or add products in the Applied to products panel, which will be displayed below after you save the new discount.
    • Assigned to categories: after this discount is created, the store owner can assign it to a category on the category edit page or add categories in the Applied to categories panel, which will be displayed below after you save the new discount. This enables applying the discount to all products in this category.
      • If selected, the Apply to subcategories field will be displayed to allow applying this discount to subcategories.
    • Assigned to manufacturers: after this discount is created, the store owner can assign it to a manufacturer on the manufacturer edit page or add the manufacturer in the Applied to manufacturer panel, which will be displayed below after you save the new discount. This enables applying the discount to all products by this manufacturer.
    • Assigned to shipping: these discounts are applied to the shipping fee.
    • Assigned to order subtotal: these discounts are applied to order subtotal values.
  • Select the Use percentage checkbox if you want to apply a percentage discount.
    • If the previous checkbox is selected, the Discount percentage field will be displayed.
    • You can also set the Maximum discount amount. Leave this field empty to allow any discount amount. If you’re using Assigned to products discount type, then it will be applied to each product separately.
  • You can apply Discount amount to the order or SKU if the Use percentage checkbox is clear.
  • Select the Requires coupon code checkbox to enable a customer to apply a coupon code to get the discount.
    • After selecting the checkbox, the Coupon code option appears. You can enter the required coupon code in this field. This enables customers to enter the coupon code during checkout to apply the discount.


      A customer can apply an unlimited number of coupon codes to an order if they fit it.

  • If you want to specify the Start date and End date for your discount, select them in the calendar field in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • The Cumulative with other discounts option allows customers to use several discounts at the same time. If selected, this discount can be used simultaneously with other ones.


    This feature only works for discounts of the same type. Right now, discounts of distinct types are already cumulative.

  • You can also limit the number of times the discount will be used. From the Discount limitation dropdown list, select the required limitation regarding the discount:
    • Unlimited.
    • N times only: select this option and enter the number of times this discount will be available.
    • N times per customer: select this option and enter the number of times this discount will be available for one customer.
  • In the Maximum discounted quantity field (only visible when the Discount type is set to Assigned to products, categories or manufacturers), specify the maximum product quantity that can be discounted. It can be used for scenarios like “buy 2 and get 1 for free.”
  • Enter the Admin comment if needed. It won’t be visible to customers.

Click Save to save the changes or Save and continue edit to proceed to editing other panels.

Adding discount requirements

After creating the discount, it’s allowed to add discount requirements if you want some specific rules to be applied to the discount. Set up requirements if you want to limit the discount to certain user categories depending on a customer role, the amount spent or others. You can use a single requirement type or group several types and apply them simultaneously.

To add discount requirements, go to the Requirements panel:

To add a new requirement, select the Discount requirement type from the dropdown list.

  • There is one requirement type available in nopCommerce out of the box: Must be assigned to a customer role. This allows you to configure discounts for certain customer groups (roles).
  • Also, you can create a group of requirements to deal with complex requirements with multiple rules. Requirement group is a useful feature for creating discount requirement templates. You can create a requirement group just once and then use it whenever you want this limitation to be applied. You can include one requirement group into another if needed. The requirements are set using Boolean logic. For instance, if you want the discount to be assigned to a particular customer role or in case a customer had spent a certain amount.

You can set an unlimited number of requirement groups, one inside another. For example, more complex case, when you want your customers to get a discount if they are vendors and have spent a certain amount or if they are forum moderators and they put a certain product to the cart at the same time.

When customers apply a discount while proceeding to the checkout, it will be displayed as follows:

Common type of discounts

Black Friday sale

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a quite common discount campaign; almost every online store has a Black Friday sale.

  • Name — you can enter any name; it’s internal only.
  • Discount type — here, it’s Assigned to subtotal type when a discount is applied to the entire order amount before all the fees are added (like shipping fee and taxes). It’s relevant here because we want all the products in the cart to be discounted.
  • We can apply the discount in % or just enter the amount in chosen currency. We have 10% here.
  • The Maximum discount amount can be limited as well, so even if the total cost of products in the cart is $300, a customer will only have a $10 discount anyway.
  • This discount will require a Coupon code. You can apply discounts without entering coupon codes, but it’s not recommended considering marketing purposes. Coupon codes allow you to check campaigns’ results.
  • Discounts are often time-based. Here, we entered Black Friday weekend dates in the Start date and End date fields.
  • Cumulative with other discounts option allows customers to use several discounts at the same time.
  • The last setting is for Discount limitation usage. For instance, this discount can be applied once per customer.

Buy one item and get 50% off the second

Often, you need to sell more items of a certain product. In this case, to encourage your customers to buy several items, you can offer them a discount. Let’s see how to use the discount “Buy one item and get 50% off the second” in your HorecaMarket store.

  • The Discount type is Assigned to products. In the Applied to products panel, you can add them; here, it will be an “Oversized T-shirt.”
  • We want our customers to get a 50% discount on the 2nd T-shirt.
  • This discount can be used once per customer, so the Maximum discounted quantity is 1.
  • You can set up requirements for the product quantity in the Requirements panel. Add a requirement type Customer has all of these products and add a T-shirt with a quantity 2.

You can use this scenario to set up another popular discount, “Buy one and get the second for free,” if you set up a 100% discount.

Other examples

You can choose in each element which manufacturers (Brand), then which Customers and which Skus

Once you have provided a Customer list to us, we can then link the discounts to them – before we invite them to participate in the Marketplace.

Payment Options for Customers on the Marketplace

What Payment options can you offer to my Customers?

At Checkout the Customer will be offered:

– Credit Account (by Bank Transfer or Direct Debit)

– Credit Cards
– – – Visa, Master Card and American Express
– LIVE Bank Transfer
– Zip Trade+

From July 2022
Customers will be able to utilise
– Using HorecaPay Virtual Wallets, Direct Debit with instant Direct Credit using the new National Payments Platform, meaning instant Bank to Bank live payments from the Customer Bank account to the Vendors HorecaPay Wallet.

Can I offer the Credit Terms I used to, to my Customers?

From July 2022
– HorecaPay will offer the ability to manage Credit Terms for your Customers and Customer Groups
– Vendors will be capable of offering matching Terms that they Currently do.
– Select from multiple configuration settings

Who is responsible for the Credit Risk?

The Vendor is responsible for the credit risk.

As HorecaMarket operates as AGENT for the Vendor we are not the legal Credit Provider.

Per Clause 10 of our Customers Terms:


10. Late payment and non-payment

(a) If any amount is due and payable to HorecaMarket.Global by a Customer but remains unpaid, HorecaMarket.Global may (without the need for further notice or demand and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which may be available to it) do any one or more of the following:

i. charge and recover interest on the outstanding amount, calculated daily at the rate of 1.5% per month;

ii. off-set the amount owed against any money that HorecaMarket.Global owes to the Customer; and

iii. cancel any outstanding order placed by the Customer and apply any amount paid in respect of such order to the payment of amounts owing to HorecaMarket.Global.

(b) In addition HorecaMarket.Globals’ Vendor shall have a lien on all Products, any other goods held in the Warehouse on the Customer’s behalf and any document relating to them for all sums payable by the Customer to HorecaMarket.Global. If any amount due and payable to HorecaMarket.Global by the Customer is not paid in full within six (6) weeks of the due date, HorecaMarket.Global may, without further notice, take any or all of the following actions: dispose of and/or sell the Products other goods by public auction or private treaty on such terms as HorecaMarket.Global may determine. HorecaMarket.Global may also require payment of default action costs, including any costs associated with the seizure of the Customer’s Products. Any excess moneys recovered by HorecaMarket.Global on disposal will be returned to the Customer.

Shipping and Delivery

Ho do I ship the products to HorecaMarkets Customers - Drop Shipping?

All physical products (as opposed to services) are shipped directly by the Vendor when sold through HorecaMarket.Global.

You store the products you sell in your warehouse or 3PL, we send the order information to you for Pick / Pack and Sending.

You upload your shipment confirmation once dispatched and insert the Tracking confirmation.

You can refer to your order dashboard to check if an order has been dispatched, as well as see the relevant tracking ID #.

Any queries regarding product shipments will be directed to the product’s Vendor.

Can a Vendor have multiple warehouses?

Yes, you can add as many warehouses as you need to.

The multi-warehouse functionality in our warehouse management system allows you to separate stocks into different physical locations. You can also isolate users into different warehouses. So if you have pickers and packers working in Sydney, and you have a Sydney warehouse, then you can have those users only capable of seeing the stocks and orders in that particular warehouse.

Can I set my up Custom Service(s) Areas ?

Yes, you can define which Country, State, City and Postcode (or Postcode Range) that applies to your Catalogue.

In some cases if your specific products are limited for sale in Australia to say Victoria and NSW, they will not appear to Customers wishing to purchase on the marketplace in QLD.

What Areas do you NOT deliver to for Alcohol?

Alcohol and Dry Area restrictions for Queensland & The Northern Territory

Delivery of freight into the areas specified is restricted.

HorecaMarket.Global and its couriers will not deliver to the following postcodes.
– Aurukun Postcode – 4871
– Bamaga Postcode – 4876
– Cherbourg Postcode – 4605
– Doomadgee Postcode – 4830
– Hope Vale Postcode – 4871
– Injinoo Map Postcode – 4876
– Kowanyama Postcode – 4871
– Lockhart River Postcode – 4871
– Mapoon Postcode – 4871
– Mornington Island Postcode – 4825
– Napranum Postcode – 4874
– New Mapoon Postcode – 4876
– Palm Island Postcode – 4816
– Pormpuraaw Postcode – 4871
– Seisia Postcode – 4876
– Umagico Postcode – 4876
– Woorabinda Postcode – 4713
– Wujal Wujal Postcode – 4873
– Yarrabah Postcode – 4871

What is my Vendor quality Guarantee?

All products for sale on HorecaMarket.Global must meet the standard Australian Consumer legislation and be fit for purpose and meet with the legal minimum requirements and Australian Standards, and must be fit for purpose and accurately described.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Can I offer Click and Collect?

Click & Collect or In-Store Pick-up, may be an option that certain Vendors wish to offer , if it is then the option will appear at Check Out.

You can configure this within your Catalogue Settings.

What is my shipping policy?

As a Vendor – you can set up your own shipping policy/settings.

You can offer Free Shipping on any Product.
You can choose from any of our network carriers or bring your own

What is Fuel Levy?

A fuel levy is a surcharge applied over and above typical transport rates, and the reason why it exists is to cover the variance in the current fuel cost.

So rather than just having fixed rates with a client, you would have a rate with them plus a fuel surcharge, which tracks the cost of fuel.

When you go to choose your transport management system it’s critical it provides this feature to reduce your chances of any revenue leakages from missed charges.

Can I manage my Fuel Levy on HorecaFusion

YES, you can Vary the Fuel Surcharge as often as you need on a Carrier by Carrier basis.

How do I provide a Customer with a Shipping Quote?

First, you need to have an Vendor account set up.

List the products that you are interested in providing a quote for and create a Quote in HorecaFusion, which can then be communicated with the Customer directly from the same platform.

The customer may then contact the Vendor of those products to discuss if tier or quantity discounts are available for those products. And if they are satisfied they can just immediately add the items to a sales order for processing and immediate payment on their account.

Insurance & Breakage, is it covered?

Given the commercial nature of the products sold on HorecaMarket.Global it is the Vendors responsibility to Insure all Goods in Transit from the time of accepting the order.

Some Carriers may have Insurance Options, which are offered specifically by the Carriers on HorecaMarket.Global.

What happens if my Customers order is short supplied?

In the first instance we would expect the Vendor and the Customer raise your concerns with each other.

If the Vendor accepts liability for a Short Delivery, they will need to raise a Credit Note on the Customers HorecaMarket account. HorecaMarket will then send the Refund amount to the customer and charge the Vendors bank account for same.

My HorecaFusion – Vendor Account

What is HorecaFusion?

HorecaFusion is the back office platform that drives all interaction with the Marketplace.

It is made up of multiple management modules including:
– Analytics Dashboard
– CRM (Community Leads, and My Leads, Customers
– Catalogue
– Finance
– Sales
– Marketing
– Logistics
– API Connections

Do I have to sign a contract with HorecaMarket.Global?

We require all of our Vendors to sign an agreement which includes the Terms and Conditions of using our platform. You are not locked into any contract period and can stop using the platform at any point in time.

Of course in order to close an Account, you must first ensure that all outstanding invoices are settled in full.

Who Invoices my Customers?

When a Customer purchases on the HorecaMarket.Global platform, it is defined as an eCommerce order. Accordingly the platform will generate an immediate invoice with the appropriate due date.

Is HorecaMarket.Global Principal in the Sale?

No, we are NEVER the Principal in a contract. We always act as the Vendor and Customers agent.

Is HorecaFusion integrated with other Accounting platforms?

Push Invoices to Xero
Create invoices in HorecaFusion and send them to Xero for total visibility.

Automated Billing
Create bills in HorecaFusion and send them to Xero automatically.

Full Transparency
You can see if the invoice has been paid without having to login to Xero.

How do I connect my Accounting platform?

Login to your HorecaFusion Account

Go to My Finance, then select Settings/AC Package Connection

Follow the screen prompts, you will be asked by your accounting package to authorise the connection and data exchange

Do I need a Liquor or Tobacco License to register?

Given we sell 1000’s of products, many of which are not Alcohol or Tobacco,

No, not unless you intend to sell Tobacco/Alcohol.

If you do intend to sell alcohol, you will need to appropriate a Liquor License in your state.

How do I reset my password ?

To reset your password simply click: https://au.horecamarket.global/account/forgot-password

How do I register for an Vendor account?

Is it easy to set-up and customise HorecaMarket.Global?

Yes. HorecaMarket.Global is designed as an out of the box solution where you can be set-up and using it within a couple of hours.

Simply add your product menu & customers and you’re ready to go.
And if you use Xero you can be set up in less than an hour.

How do I know my data is safe with HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global is PCI Compliant

We take privacy seriously and recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of information collected by using HorecaMarket.Global. For more information see our Privacy Policy, and also refer to The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes.

The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands but administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Click on https://fusion.horecamarket.global/#subscribe

You can unsubscribe at any time in the future.

How often will Vendors receive the newsletter?

Our subscribers receive a newsletter twice or more per week containing the latest hot topics and news.

In addition, our subscribers receive a newsletter supplement on a special topic regarding the latest products each Tuesday.

As we develop the platform Vendors will have the opportunity to participate in paid marketing activities.

We will be sure to keep you up to date with any special promotions opportunities also.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can either unsubscribe using the link in the newsletter (top or bottom) or directly in your account by clicking on ‘Newsletter Unsubscribe’.

Please do not mark these emails as Spam, as this may also block other emails from HorecaMarket.Global Store (including order confirmation, delivery details etc.). Note: You cannot unsubscribe from transactional Emails issued by us, as a result of actions on your account (orders, returns etc).

Warranty & Returns

What is your returns policy?

The Community Returns Policy is as follows:

Returns & Order Issues

If there has been an error with your order, please contact the Vendor immediately explaining the situation.

Each situation will be reviewed by each Vendor on an individual basis in light of the facts and circumstances.
Please note that you may be asked to return some or all of the questionable products for evaluation from the supplier.

Set forth below are examples of valid reasons for returning products.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Valid reasons for return:
– The wrong product was sent.
– Shipper errors – we’ll file a claim against the shipper on your behalf.
– Flawed product, providing said the product is returned in its original condition (and with all accompanying items if in a case) within 7 days of receipt together with proof of purchase.

For any further assistance, please contact us.

What steps are involved in a Return?


A Support team will correspond with you to determine the nature of the reported issue and provide relevant troubleshooting steps. In many cases claims are resolved via correspondence without the need to return the item or arrange an on-site service call. To assist the team in resolving your issue as quickly as possible, please include photos and/or video of the issue when you contact us.


Your item will be assessed by a support team or sent to the brand or Vendor’s in-house service department. Please allow up to 10 business days once the service centre has received the item.


A Vendor may be able to repair your product where possible and may need to order parts from Australian or international warehouses that are required to complete this. Depending on the nature of the fault, you may be entitled to a repair, refund or replacement. For more information please refer to the Terms of Supply.


If it’s absolutely necessary to return your item, smaller items are typically returned via a prepaid Australia Post label, while large items will be collected by courier or the Vendor’s repair agents. Large items will need to be suitably packaged for transit prior to return. We strongly recommend that you keep your original packaging to assist in this returns process. Some items such as large appliances like fridges, freezers and ovens may be assessed on-site. If your item is diagnosed as faulty, the Vendor will cover the costs of sending this to the nominated repair centre, however if you are returning a product because you changed your mind, you will need to cover the cost of sending the product back to the Vendor.


If a refund is to be issued, this will be completed by reversing the original transaction. The faulty item will become the property of the Vendor/HorecaMarket.Global Please Note: While the return process may take up to 10 business days, excluding transit times, we endeavour to complete returns as quickly as possible, and many are resolved within the week. Return delivery times are estimates only and may vary based on location. Manufacturer’s Warranty In most instances, where you experience an issue with a product that comes with a (brand’s) manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will be able to provide a faster assessment and remedy. Many manufacturers will have dedicated Support centres with access to more detailed knowledge on their respective products, in addition to better access to spare parts. You may prefer to contact the manufacturer directly to seek a resolution. If you would prefer the Vendor to assist you, and choose not to go to the manufacturer, then their team will of course be happy to assist you.


If you have purchased a product through the Marketplace, you can contact us through the marketplace directly. Which ever method you prefer, our processing times will be the same however communication will be faster if contacted directly as there is no delay in sending and receiving messages. In the event that you are unhappy with the remedy offered by our support team, or you believe the remedy is not in accordance with the ACL, please request the support team member to escalate your claim and a more senior representative and we will be more than happy to assist you.


If a product doesn’t fit and needs to be exchanged, please contact our support team via the Contact Us form LINK: Here To be eligible for a size exchange, you must make the request within 7 days of receiving the goods and you must return the product within 10 days of the request. Our support team will contact the relevant brand manager and begin the returns process. If you need to upgrade an item to a larger size, such as a mixer or freezer, our support team may be able to have restocking fees waived if the item is still in its original (undamaged) packaging, has not been used and if you plan on purchasing the new item from the same brand as the original. In order to make the exchange process as seamless as possible, please have pictures of the goods ready to be assessed. Images can be emailed directly to our support team. Please do not return the product until the customer service team has provided you with the relevant return details.


We understand that you will not always be able to test and handle products prior to purchase. However we cannot accept a Change of Mind as a reasonable reason to return a product. Whilst we offer this policy, it is important to note that Consumer Guarantees do not apply if you simply changed your mind, found the item cheaper elsewhere, decided you did not like the purchase, or had no use for it, so please check the item listing carefully at the time of purchase to see if the product you have ordered is eligible for a change of mind return. You can find this information in the Warranty & Returns section of each product listing and request additional details if anything is unclear.


Our business model is one of high volumes and slim margins to keep your prices down. For these reasons, our suppliers charge 25% (minimum) restocking fees if you change your mind about a purchase or order the wrong item and then want to exchange it for another. We hate receiving restocking fees from our suppliers and we hate even more having to pass them on to our customers, however if your order needs to be re-routed or returned to its warehouse(s) of origin after being collected by a courier, many additional people become involved to facilitate your return. Unless there is transit damage, a manufacturing defect or a mistake on our end, you will be responsible for any re-delivery and restocking fees if you change your mind about a purchase. If items have been used or are not returned in all original packaging, a return may not be accepted. It’s important for your item to be unused and in original packaging to be eligible for return. This is because our suppliers cannot resell an item as brand new once it has been opened. They will need to significantly discount the item it to sell it again. We ask that you check and double check all measurements, specifications, power fittings and other details before purchasing so we can ensure your order is correct the first time. If you would like to return an item, please email our support team directly LINK: Here and we will gladly assist you. Please note that manufacturers which have additional criteria and very strict returns policies. When returning a product for a size exchange or change of mind, you will be responsible for the cost of return postage, and you must comply with the directions provided by the customer service team. The product will remain your responsibility until it has been received at the address supplied by the Vendor service team. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may occur in transit and we strongly suggest you include insurance with your shipping. Once the goods have been received and confirmed as being in as-new condition, you will be issued with a store credit which can be redeemed on any product sold on our site, by the Vendor from whom you purchased or refunded for the same value.

Faulty Products

Faulty Products?

Faulty Products

If your customer is having a problem with your products as supplied, you should deal with this how you would normally have done so. As the Vendor it is your responsibility to provide customer satisfaction.

If you decide to Credit the customer for their purchase, you should create a Credit Note on the HorecaFusion platform, and refund the Customer using the defined work-flows in the platform.

If you are experiencing issues with your product, please refer to our FAQ first for instant answers to frequently asked questions and product specific troubleshooting.

If you are unable to find an answer or solution to your issue, you can also contact the us.

Please note that where Products are faulty or damaged upon delivery, photographic evidence of the damage or fault must be submitted by the Customer to the Vendor within 3 days of receiving the product. Failure to do so may result in their claim being denied.

Certifications Required

What is HACCP Certification?

HACCP certification instantly demonstrates to customers your commitment to producing or trading in safe food. This evidence-based approach can be particularly beneficial when you are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders.

Demonstrating a real commitment to food safety through HACCP compliance can also transform your brand and act as an effective entry-to-market tool, opening up new business opportunities around the world. Our global network of food experts carries out HACCP audits and helps you focus on the hazards that affect food safety and hygiene. It is then possible to systematically identify where the hazards are by setting up control limits at critical points during the food production process.

HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles: Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Determine critical control points. Establish critical control limits, for example, minimum cooking temperature and time. Establish a system to monitor control of Critical Control Points. Establish corrective actions. Establish procedure for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively. Establish documentation and record keeping. Work with us to achieve HACCP compliance and meet the expectations of a changing world.


How does the platform work?

As a wholesaler/distributor, what are the 7 main benefits of using HorecaMarket.Global?

1. Access an enormous market of like-minded users – the Hospitality vertical in Australia alone is made up of 81,000+ Customers. By using HorecaMarket.Global you won’t need to find them anymore, they can find you in an instant.

2. Reduced on-boarding Costs – typically once you have found a Customer, you will then need to get them to “sign up”, meaning a lengthy process involving, account applications, directors guarantees, Credit Checks, PPSR registrations, credit reference checking, credit file checks and custom pricing considerations. All before you make your first sale. It is estimated that this costs most wholesalers $1,000+ to onboard a single site. We immediately do away with this cost. Customers need to fill in an application form only once to join. One application form on HorecaMarket.Global = access to 1000s of Vendor and their products. We’re sure your sales reps will love our innovative approach.

3. Catalogue Digitization – generally most wholesalers have a PDF catalogue which they can circulate, with separate Excel pricing if you are lucky. Each year the wholesalers who handle “Wine” need to rewrite their product offering and circulate it to up to thousands of Customers. This exercise, can now be carried out instantly and constantly for ZERO cost using HorecaMarket.Global.

4. Instant Credit Management and Data Access – given our unique method of managing “Credit as a Cooperative” we aim to have a view of the Customers as a whole and share to the required degree the Analytics of the customers capabilities to actually take on more credit There is nothing worse than on-boarding a new Customer only to find after 30-60 days that they cannot afford the credit allowance they have been afforded. Our aim is to circumvent this, by using live access to POS, Cloud Accounting and large scale sales analytics to make informed decisions.

5. Single Credit Check – every year Wholesalers pay Credit Management companies like illion, Equifax and CreditorWatch $300 per company search / credit score report, companies with 5000 B2B customers typically should do an updated credit check per annum if not quarterly, at a cost of $1m – $4m. HorecaMarket.Global can save this cost entirely by doing the check once only and combining the data thereafter with Live sales, payments and Cloud accounting data. Allowing us to accurately predict the current capability of the Customers. No upfront platform or

6. Cloud development costs – no need to fork out large sums of money for a custom built solutions. We will have you up and running in hours PLUS you benefit from all ongoing enhancements to the product at no extra cost Reduced sales & administration costs – all orders are placed by customers allowing you to shift the focus of sales & admin to business generating activities. Improved cash flow – automatic payment via credit card or direct debit means you get your cash faster.

7. Reduced bad debts – Payment type is required when Customers join HorecaMarket.Global -meaning not only are you getting cash fast but spending less time chasing it. Tailored communications & promotions – By creating a personalized digital relationship you can get your marketing campaigns directly in the hands of the customer, resulting in increased sales and average order values.

What types of businesses use HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global is designed for wholesalers and distributors whose customers order on a regular basis. Wholesalers and distributors customers can place orders on their mobile devices and desktop, eliminating the need for you to take orders in person, over the phone, or email.

HorecaMarket.Global is adaptable for any size business – meaning it can be used as a complete solution with ordering, pick and pack all the way through to delivery or alternatively integrated with your current systems and processes.

What training & support is available for HorecaMarket.Global?

On top of the initial face to face/Video conference /over the phone training to get you up and running you’ll also have access to user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use our HorecaMarket.Global solution. You will also have access to ongoing support via email and instant chat.

Please feel free to contact us, should you require any further assistance.

Do I need to install anything to use HorecaMarket.Global?

No. As HorecaMarket.Global is a cloud-based ‘Platform As A Service’ (PaaS) all you need is an internet connection. This also means you can manage ordering and payment anywhere in the world.

Can I customise pricing and/or product groups for my customers with HorecaMarket.Global?

Yes. We’re aware that in the wholesaler and distribution sector that not all customers pay the same prices or have the same deal structures.

HorecaMarket.Global is customisable at a group level right down to an individual customer, you can customise pricing, discounts, rebates, product visibility, even freight calculation.

Can I add my own brand to HorecaMarket.Global?

HorecaMarket.Global can be tailored to your brand. By uploading your logo and own images, your customers will enjoy a seamless branded ordering and payment experience.

Each Vendor has their own Vendor Home page, with the Vendors full details available on that page. Our approach is not to interfere with your Customer / Vendor relationship, we only want to enhance, not disenfranchise it.

Can I trial HorecaMarket.Global?

There is no cost to set up an account for a Vendor. The simplest way is just register and start using the platform, it is super simple to set up your Account profile. You can join immediately here: https://au.horecamarket.global/account/signup

What Savings can I expect from using HorecaMarket.Global?

We can seriously help you save lots in Labour costs by eliminating repetitive tasks (which no one wants to do anyway).
We have calculated that we can save you up to 82% of your costs and 54% of your time, in acquiring new Customers.

And save up to 56% of your costs and up to 60% of their time, in managing existing Customers.

What features does HorecaMarket.Global offer Vendors?

Do I need a Liquor or Tobacco License to sell on HorecaMarket.Global?

Yes, you do need the appropriate License to sell your chosen product range, in your chosen state.

Note: HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd acts as AGENT in your sales contract with the Customer, as such it is the same as you selling to them directly. So any License which would have normally been required to hold still applies.

Is it easy to set up and customise HorecaMarket.Global?

Yes. HorecaMarket.Global is designed as an out of the box solution where you can be setup and using it within a couple of hours.

Simply add your products and customers and you’re ready to go.
If you use Xero you can be set up in less than an hour.

Do I still need to contact my customers to take orders?

No. Customers can place orders online 24/7, by Web, and also Apple and Google Apps

HorecaMarket.Global is designed with customers in mind, meaning your sales reps can focus more on new doing better business and not being just order takers.

As your customers can order on any device connected to the Internet, orders can be placed 24/7

There is however functionality within HorecaMarket.Global platform to take orders over the phone or in person if required by impersonating the Customer in our secure back office environment.

You create the order easily in the back office, which directly linked to your Catalogue and their pricing. You can finalise the order and settle the invoice inside the platform. We also track your device usage and IP Address for security purposes to ensure no fraudulent activity occurs, where possible.

Given the capability of this feature your Account Administrator will need to grant you access to this feature.

Can I send a PDF catalogue to my customers directly from HorecaMarket.Globals' platform?

Generally most wholesalers have a PDF catalogue which they can circulate, with separate Excel pricing.

Each year the wholesalers who handle “Wine” (for example) need to rewrite their product offering and circulate it to up to 50,000 Customers.

This exercise, can now be carried out instantly and constantly for ZERO cost using HorecaMarket.Global.

To auto generate your eCatalog from within the HorecaMarket.Globals’ platform simply go to the eCatalog Menu and Go to Products and select the Download Catalog as PDF option to generate your current offering as a PDF. This will then generate a PDF which can be circulated by your Sales Team, but includes Stock, Case Pricing, and Product notes, and Imagery.

Do I need an ABN to become a Vendor?

To sell through the HorecaMarket.Global platform you are required to be a current ABN (Australian Business Number) holder. Typically (not always) this means you will be required to be GST (Goods and Services Tax) registered. Accordingly – the platform will only display prices Ex GST, if you are registered for GST the GST will be added onto the sales price on the invoice.

We automatically check your ABN’s status on sign up and thereafter on a weekly basis.

3PL Shipping & Warehouse Operators

Does HorecaFusion work with 3PLs?

In short Yes.

Initially we can easily email the Marketplace Order/Pick Slip to your nominated warehouse provider, whether it is In-House or a 3PL.

Once we see a pattern of volume of orders from your Vendor profile, we will build a specific EDI/API integration for your 3PL Provider or ERP Platform.

Does HorecaFusion recommend particular 3PLs?

We prefer to act impartially with (our Vendors) service providers, of course we can sometimes find we end up working with exceptional providers and we may be able to recommend in your area.

How does the Shipment Dashboard work?

The warehouse operator can select the shipments which involve your company and also select the Warehouse location (allowing you to handle sales countrywide).

They can see all orders status by Date, Location (Country/State), Warehouse, Specific Tracking ID, Current status of Loaded /Not Loaded.

They can set an order as Shipped, on Route, or Delivered, allowing for the relevant KPI’s to populate automatically on your Dashboards.

Customer Communications are empowered from these actions as the Customer is automatically alerted to any changes/updates when they are made in the HorecaMarket.Global platform.

Does the Platform generate 3PL Pick slips?

We automatically generate Pick Slips, pick and delivery slips to eliminate manual data entry.

Each 3PL user (or your own warehouse team member) can have free access to the HorecaMarket.Global back end – allowing them to access order data, print pick slips and update orders for dispatch, make notes on orders, and update partially shipped orders. As well as enter tracking IDs for all courier parcels.

At all times this allows your Customers to be fully informed of the order status and any relevant updates.

Can I generate a Stock Movement Report?

What is a Stock Movement Report?

In a 3PL environment it’s really common to get questions from customers asking things like, “Why do I only have seven of those left? I had 15 of them last week.”

And if you can’t run a stock movement report to see exactly where those seven items went, it’s very hard to determine exactly what happened to them. This can often be a really time consuming process where you have to piece back together information from individual orders in order to explain to your customers why it is that you only have the stock level that you do.

Transparency & Accountability

So to address this in HorecaFusion Catalogue Module can run a stock movement report so you can see each individual transaction that happened on a product over a given period of time.

So you can see, okay 2 days ago I had 15 of these, 4 of them went out on this order. 2 of them went out on this order and that’s why I only have a total of 9 of them left.

Even better than that, your team can run this report themselves when they’re logged into HorecaFusion. So rather than needing to call you and having to ask you to tell them why this has occurred, they can simply login, run the report themselves and get all the information they need without having to bother you and your staff.

Can I upload Proof of Delivery documentation ?

Yes, in each shipment Consignment you have the option to add a Proof of Delivery document, photo or alike.

Can I print Lables for shipping?

Integrate seamlessly with label printers or keep it simple and print to standard A4 printers.

Vendor Payouts

How do you handle my funds?

All funds passing through the HorecaMarket.Global platform which are funds to be paid to Vendors are initially deposited into the Company’s Trust Account, held with ANZ Bank.

All funds in that account remain in a completely separate account from the funds used to operate the platform.

If $100 is deposited from a sale paid to HorecaMarket.Global then $100 is paid to the Vendor once the funds clear (usually 24 hours).

Fees associated with payment by Vendors:

Services are billed separately to the Vendors HorecaFusion Account

Sales Service – Commissions (our charge for selling on the platform) are billed separately at the end of the week and paid by the wholesaler on a Service invoice either by Credit Card or Direct Debit.

What are your trading periods?

We Trade with you Monday thru Sunday and invoice you for our services on Monday morning – and charge your chosen payment method accordingly.

Do you deduct Sales Commissions from Funds Recieved from Vendors?

No we do not deduct any funds, we pass 100% of the funds paid by a Customer to the Vendor.

This ensures simple Invoice/Payment and Bank Reconciliation by the Vendors finance team.

How do we recover our Sales Commissions?

We invoice Vendors for Sales Commission separately.

Group Pricing & Rebates

If I am selling to a Group will they see their Groups' pricing?

In Short, YES.

Group wise prices are loaded by Vendors, against associated Venues/Sites.

Once loaded they will automatically be applied.

Head Office Rebates operate in the same way. However, HQ Rebate management workflows will not be available until late 2022.

Fee Structure

Do you charge an account Set Up fee?

We do not charge any set up fees, whatsoever. You will pay $1.00 to validate your credit card as part of the account set up.

Do you charge a Platform Subscription fee?

We do not charge a Subscription fee for using the standard platform features.

Do you charge Sales Commission?

We do charge a sales commission to process an order. Refer to your rate card.

Credit Management

Does HorecaMarket.Global provide Credit Terms to Customers?

No, we do not. However, we do facilitate Credit Terms.

Vendors elect to provide Credit Terms to Customers or Customer Groups. In legal terms this means HorecaMarket.Global acts as the Agent of the Vendor and extends the Credit Terms to the selected Customers as directed.
If a Customer defaults on payment – HorecaMarket can act on behalf of the Vendor or collective Vendors to collect the funds owed by the Customer. There is a Fee for this service, please refer to your Rate Card.

What is PPSR ?

What is a PPSR Search?

A PPSR Search is a search of the PPS Register (PPSR) for “security interests” against a business entity, or individual. Sourcing credit information helps to assess the level of financial risk.

Why do I need to do PPS Searches?

There are many reasons: The PPS Register holds the details of security interests. Searching the register can provide information about the security interest, which can help influence business decisions. This information includes the Secured Party Group details, Grantor details and other relevant information about the type of property, or line of credit, recorded on the PPS Register. Certain assets, such as Motor Vehicles, may have a security interest registered against them. It is important to be aware of this security interest before purchasing these types of assets. When deciding whether to offer, or extend, commercial credit to a customer, a search of the register can reveal important information about the customer’s existing obligations. When buying a business, searches can provide a list of current secured creditors.

Why is the HorecaMarket.Globals’ platform better?

PPS Searches can be done directly through the PPSR website. However that site has a cumbersome and slow interface and requires payment by credit card. In contrast, HorecaMarket.Global offers the following features that are not available on the Government PPSR website:
– Validated Searching (i.e. a validation of ACN/ABN before search) A summary results page that actually has useful information on it including the Secured Party Group. Automatic background downloading of all search certificates and attachments. The ability to download multiple search certificates in one click as a single PDF file. The ability to download a zip file containing the PDFs of certificates and attachments as individual files. All search certificates and attachments are stored with your search result indefinitely thus allowing you to retrieve a search certificate or attachment (as it was at the time of the search) days, weeks or months after the search was done without incurring extra cost. A single monthly invoice (ie no need to pay for each search as you do it).

Why should I choose HorecaMarket.Globals’ platform?

With multiple credit information services in one convenient location, we make it easy and quick to register, search and manage all of your PPS needs. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself, and your business, against the credit risks of trading in Australia.

Do we preform ASIC searches?


Searching HorecaMarket.Global is an information broker to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the full suite of ASIC Searches can be performed instantly online, including company searches, director and shareholder searches, and original documents lodged with ASIC.

ASIC Company and Business Names

Search options include:


A current company extract includes the following information where applicable: Current company directors, secretaries, liquidators and administrators Current registered office addresses and current principal place of business Current shareholders including details of shareholdings (excludes public companies) Current registered charges lodged against the company Document details on all forms lodged with ASIC


Historical company extracts include both current and previous information on the organisation including where applicable: Current and former company names Current and previous company directors, secretaries, liquidators and administrators Current and previous registered office addresses and principal place of business Current and previous shareholders including details of shareholdings (excluding public companies) Current and satisfied charges lodged against the company Document details on all forms lodged with ASIC.


Company relational extracts provides information in respect to a company’s relationship with other companies. The relational information includes where applicable: Company details in which the relationship is held Current and previous details of shareholdings held Current and former officeholder roles held (if applicable) Current and previous Licences held.


Personal name search provides a list of known names and birth dates, relating to the individual name or birth date entered by the user. Users can select single or multiple entries from the search list for the one price. Once selected, users can proceed to purchase the requested personal name extract.


Extract Personal name extracts provide information about an individual’s relationship with other Companies. The relational information may include: Current and former officeholder roles held in the respective companies Current and former licences held Current and former details of shareholdings held Person document details Copies of all ASIC Documents (Doc images) An actual image of the document in question as lodged by the company.

The pricing of these documents is subject to the size of the document based on the number of pages: government statutory charges are set at either at less than 10 pages, or 10 or greater pages.

The HorecaMarket.Global fee is subject to account type.
Registered users may obtain negotiated pricing arrangements.

How do we Data Match Customer and Vendor data?

Data Matching

Otherwise referred to as data-cleaning or entity verification, is the process of identifying the correct legal name and identifiers of any given commercial database, usually an ERP file of customer records or a debtors ledger.

Data matching is accepted as an important best practice and process improvement initiative within credit risk management by ensuring that you know who you are dealing with. Data matching facilitates accurate de-duplication or cross-analysis of common customers. One of the benefits is a reduction in external collection cost in the event of debtor non-performance.

Data-cleaning is also essential in the preparation of business files for the correct registration of interests on the PPSR. Data-cleaning involves the matching of customer or debtor records against both the ASIC and Australian Business Register databases and third party databases.

This verification process authenticates the correct legal name and status of the company and appends the correct ABN and ACN or ARBN for each record. PPSR is one example of an excellent reason to cleanse your customer database. However there are many other business imperatives to verify your customer legal entities including the need to facilitate system integrations, and the migration of platforms in the event of growth by acquisition. HorecaMarket.Global does this, so you don’t have to.

Electronic Data Cleansing and Verification HorecaMarket.Global has developed leading data cleansing capabilities which enables large files, typically customer or debtor records, to be validated to confirm their correct legal name and legal identifier.
The HorecaMarket.Global solution is an advanced Electronic data-matching and ledger entity verification service which validates submitted data against ASIC, the Australian Business Register and ARBN databases.

The system confirms the existence of a valid ABN and/or ACN and verifies the correct legal name corresponding to that identifier. Once matching has been completed the file is returned to the HorecaMarket.Global client including the original and validated records to enable import back into existing legacy systems as required.

Ledger Cleansing Portal For a large number of poor quality files, HorecaMarket.Global can provide the unique option of the its data analytics portal. The HorecaMarket.Global analytics portal is a hybrid, semi – manual and electronic method of interactively matching records which cannot be matched during the electronic matching process. Some records can’t be accurately matched simply based on clever algorithms and must be manually viewed – we do this very efficiently. Key features include the facility for multiple projects to be run concurrently, task allocation, performance and statistics analysis, as well as download and search capabilities. The system can also link to mail generation and phone systems for call centre staff if required.

The portal also links to the HorecaMarket.Global PPS management portal so as to provide a seamless link between both solutions and a highly effective mechanism for registering and uploading large number of debtors onto the PPS in an accurate and efficient manner. The portal can operate multiple concurrent projects while providing important statistics. Summary tables assist management review and oversee the quality of the customer records – as well as those that may potentially be registered on the PPS.

How does our Credit Management approach differ from yours?

Typically a Credit Department will be required to have the sales team provide them with:

– Credit Account Application,
– Directors Guarantees,
– PPSR registration agreements,
– Trade References

then the back office team will then process the application by doing an

– ASIC company search
– Validating the ABR –
– that ABN provided is GST registered and “current”
– Performing a Company “Credit” search, to check any Court or Creditor violations (Current & Historical
– Consider the relationship between Directors and other related entities, and their current status.
– Assess the requested Credit Limit (most often with no historical data on which to base their decision)

In using the HorecaMarket.Global platform, you do not have to do this anymore.

Credit is assessed as a Cooperative – what do we mean by this?

HorecaMarket.Global manages Credit centrally and takes all responsibility, so you no longer need to. If you have signed up to use our SIF (Single Invoice Financing) solution, HorecaMarket.Global will pay you within 48 hours.
The invoice has been sold for payment to our Financing Partner, who are responsible for all the necessary checks and validations. Given the Financing Partner has purchased the debt, you as a Vendor have NO Recourse if the Customer now fails to pay the Financing Partner.

This is the simplest way to manage Credit in a modern Covid-19 risk environment.


Local support with expert industry knowledge

Get expert help and local support when you need it. HorecaFusion has a large knowledge base with everything you need to know about all our features and tools.

Can I create a Support Ticket

You can submit a support ticket, lodge a bug online or give our support line a call for the tricky ones.

What is our Support SLA

If your question is not resolved through our Knowledge Base, please contact us via our Service Desk (typical response within 4 hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri AEST).

When creating a support request

If our Knowledge Base does not solve your issue, you can use the support options such as Technical Support or Report a Bug to create a ticket for the Support Team to assist.

By providing as much information in your ticket as possible we will be able to assist you more effectively and resolve your issue faster.

Please see examples below of what information we require.

– Summary of your issue
– Description of what you were doing before the issue occurred, link from browser, customer, error message. All this information helps to resolve your issue faster!
– Attachment: a screenshot of the screen you were using, error messages are really helpful to our support team.

Once the ticket fields are completed select Create and your request will be received by our support team.

A notification with your ticket number will also be sent to your email.


When investigating an issue, on some occasions we are required to create a test order in your system so we can replicate and resolve the issue

We have a process in place that allows us to work in your tenancy with a test order only if the below process is followed:-

1) Support will contact you via email on the same ticket that you have raised your issue

2) Support will ask you for approval before proceeding with the test order

3) Once approved by the Tenant we will continue with our investigations

4) We will also advise the customer that the test order has been created/testing completed/issue resolved/deleted

N.B. Only email approval will be accepted to proceed.

Hosting & PCI Compliance

PCI DSS and BECS Compliance

We abide by PCI DSS, which is the global payment standard used by VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners Club and BECS, which is the Australian banking standard for Direct Debit.

Your credit card details are stored in a fully encrypted environment using military grade encryption. In short this means that your details are secure and we store this information as security for the goods and services we provide.

The Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) governs how direct debits, automatic payments, bill payments, and direct credits work. BECS governs how a range of bulk electronic transaction types are made between its Participants. BECS covers direct debits, automatic payments, bill payments and direct credits.

We host all data in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. Your privacy and security is our number one concern.

Restricted Businesses – Australia

Businesses and Business practices which are Restricted

Last updated: May 4th, 2021

The following categories of businesses and business practices are restricted from using the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) Service (“Restricted Businesses”). Restricted Business categories may be imposed through Network Rules or the requirements of our Financial Services Providers. In certain cases, businesses listed below may be eligible for processing with explicit prior approval from HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay). Note, however, that businesses that offer illegal products or services are never eligible to use the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) Services. The types of businesses listed in the right column are representative, but not exhaustive. If you are uncertain as to whether your business is a Restricted Business, or have questions about how these requirements apply to you, please contact us.

By registering with us, you are confirming that you will not use the Service to request us to accept payments in connection with the following businesses, business activities, or business practices, unless you have received prior written approval from HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay). It is prohibited to use the Service for any dealings, engagement, or sale of goods/services linked directly or indirectly with jurisdictions HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) has deemed high risk, such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea Region, and Syria.

Further restricted - Investment & credit services

Securities brokers;
mortgage consulting or debt reduction services;
credit counselling or repair;
real estate opportunities;
lending instruments.

Further restricted - Money and legal services

Money transmitters, check cashing, wire transfers, money orders; currency exchanges or dealers; bail bonds; collections agencies; law firms collecting funds for any purpose other than to pay fees owed to the firm for services provided by the firm (e.g., firms cannot use HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) to hold client funds, collection or settlement amounts, disputed funds, etc.)

Further restricted - Virtual currency or stored value

Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual world (e.g. Bitcoin); sale of stored value or credits maintained, accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller.

IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products and services

Sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit music, movies, software, or other licensed materials without the appropriate authorization from the rights holder; any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party; use of HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) intellectual property without express consent from HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay); use of the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) name or logo including use of HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) trade or service marks inconsistent with the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) Marks Usage Agreement, or in a manner that otherwise harms HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) or the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) brand; any action that implies an untrue endorsement by or affiliation with HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay).

Counterfeit or unauthorized goods

Unauthorized sale or resale of brand name or designer products or services; sale of goods or services that are illegally imported or exported.


bidding fee auctions;
sports forecasting or odds making;
fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes;
internet gaming;
games of chance.

Regulated or illegal products or services

Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid; online pharmacies; age restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis; goods or services, the sale of which is illegal under applicable law in the jurisdictions to which your business is targeted or directed.

Adult content and services

Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media);
sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features.

Unfair, predatory, or deceptive practices

Get rich quick schemes

Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards

Mug shot publication or pay-to-remove sites

Platforms that facilitate the publication and removal of content (such as mug shots), where the primary purpose of posting such content is to cause or raise concerns of reputational harm

No-value-added services

Sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer; resale of government offerings without authorization or added value; sites that we determine in our sole discretion to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers

Products or services that are otherwise restricted by our financial partners


Engaging in any form of licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds owed to third parties, factoring, or other activities intended to obfuscate the origin of funds

Drug paraphernalia

Any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs

High risk businesses

Bankruptcy lawyers; computer technical support; psychic services; travel reservation services and clubs; airlines; cruises; timeshares; prepaid phone cards, phone services, and cell phones; telemarketing, telecommunications equipment and telephone sales; drop shipping; forwarding brokers; negative response marketing; credit card and identity theft protection; the use of credit to pay for lending services; any businesses that we believe poses elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violates card network or bank policies; any business or organization that a. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property, or b. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence toward any group based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other immutable characteristic

Multi-level marketing
Pyramid schemes, network marketing, and referral marketing programs

Pseudo pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and other products that make health claims that have not been approved or verified by the applicable local and/or national regulatory body, or make specific claims about weight loss or improved sexual performance

Social media activity

Sale of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, and other forms of social media activity

Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs

Sale of a legal substance that provides the same effect as an illegal drug (e.g., salvia, kratom)

Video game or virtual world credits

Sale of in-game currency or game items, unless the merchant is the operator of the virtual world

Use of HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) in a manner inconsistent with its intended use or as expressly prohibited in the HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) Services Agreement

Use of HorecaMarket.Global Pty Ltd (Horeca-Pay) principally as a virtual terminal (e.g., submitting card transactions by manually inputting card information); processing where there is no bona fide good or service sold, or donation accepted; card testing; evasion of card network charge-back monitoring programs; sharing card-holder information with another merchant for payment cross-sell product or service.